DIY Tassel Picnic Blanket or Throw

This is the last of five projects featured in the Seattle Goodwill SPEED.I.Y ad campaign. I had 5 minutes to run through the store and find as many items as possible to repurpose into fun DIY summer projects for summer parties and picnics. See the main post here with more info and check out the Seattle Goodwill DIY page for lots of projects and resources!

DIY Picnic Blanket or Throw with Tassels by Gold Standard Workshop


Let’s end summer with a bang, shall we? This DIY is so easy and the possibilities are endless! Consider looking for something that will do double duty and use it as a throw during the winter.


DIY Picnic Blanket

  • Fabric for your picnic blanket from Goodwill (this fabric was $5.99; it’s a duvet cover and there is enough fabric for two blankets)
  • Yarn from Goodwill
  • Needle and thread for sewing on tassels
  • Stitch Witchery adhesive, 5/8” wide, for no-sew hem of blanket (find at your local craft store)
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • A piece of cardboard to make the tassels (the size of the cardboard will determine how long you want your tassels. My cardboard piece is about 5 inches long)

DIY Picnic Blanket or Throw with Tassels by Gold Standard Workhsop

Basic Idea


Find your blanket! Many Seattle Goodwill locations have a huge linens area. Wash and dry fabric.

Tip: look at shower curtains, comforters, duvet covers, sheet sets, and curtains for fun designs. I found 5-10 designs I could have easily taken home. I ended up choosing a fun duvet cover that was large enough that I cut it in half.

Cut to desired size. You can sew the hem of the cut sides by hand or with a sewing machine, but for a no-sew option, use Stitch Witchery, which is a type of adhesive offered in different widths that is ironed on. Since my piece was a duvet cover, I only had to finish one side since I cut it in half.

To use Stitch Witchery: fold the cut edge of fabric under about 3/4” and iron to create a folded edge. Then, in sections, add a piece of Stitch Witchery along the folded edge and sandwich it by folding the fabric over 3/4″ again so it covers the adhesive.

Iron to adhere in place (follow manufacturer’s instructions for heat level of iron). Work in sections and it will go quickly!


DIY Picnic Blanket

Look for yarn in the crafts section of Seattle Goodwill. I wanted a bright color, and I couldn’t find enough of one color, so I mixed it up with pink and yellow. Have an open mind and you’ll find lots of colors that work!

Tassel how-to: this video is fantastic!

Tip: I wrapped the yarn around a piece of cardboard 25 times. But the number is up to you–the more wraparounds, the thicker your tassel will be.

DIY Picnic Blanket

DIY Picnic Blanket

DIY Picnic Blanket

Sew tassels along the blanket. I added tassels to two sides of the blanket and alternated colors. There are 11 tassels per side for a total of 22 tassels. To sew on the tassels, insert the needle through the top of the tassel into the top knot and sew it to the blanket. Repeat until it feels secure. I sewed 4-6 times around the tassel. It doesn’t have to be perfect–just make sure it’s attached well!

Hint: Make during binging Stranger Things, Kimmy, or Portlandia!

DIY Picnic Blanket

DIY Picnic Blanket

So fun! I’m ready to make more!

DIY Serving Bowls by Gold Standard Workshop

DIY Picnic Blanket or Throw with Tassels by Gold Standard Workhsop

This project might be my favorite of the summer. It would make a great gift! You’ll find so many patterns that it is hard to pick just one. And there’s so much fabric, you can make two out of one piece of fabric, depending on the piece you choose.

Check out the other projects I created with Goodwill finds: painted mason jar herb garden, marbled gold foil pots, gold foil glasses and tray, and painted serving bowls.

Did you make a project with items you found at Goodwill? Tag @SeattleGoodwill (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and use #GoodwillDIY for your DIY projects! We’d love to see them! xo

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