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Another installment of GSW free printables! These are my favorite! I love designing them and I put a lot of thought into what messages I want to share with you. And it seems you guys love them too and that makes me so, so happy!! It’s so important that we share advice, positivity, and joy with each other!

This print is an especially good and important one and it’s something I struggle with regularly, and I know a lot of you do too.

be kind to yourself free printable

Be kind to yourself. I placed the message in the middle of a bunch cactus for a reason. There are a lot of “pricks” out there–people, events, situations–and they can really beat you up, draw blood, cause pain. But sometimes you might find you are being the biggest prick of all! So stop being a jerk to yourself!! Be nice! Do things that make you happy. You deserve it. You must, must, MUST be kind and gentle to yourself to push through the rough spots and move forward.

Here’s the tough part: it’s so easy to beat yourself up. About anything. About everything. We are way too critical of ourselves. You hate your nose, the way you handled an argument, your career path, you’re scared you or your work won’t be accepted. All of us deal with these negative feelings at one time or another, and it sucks. The most important thing you can do to push back those demons is to take it easy on yourself. Be nice! Do your most favorite thing in the whole wide world. Get rest. Take a break. Read a book. Take time. Nourish your body. Eat Oreos. Laugh a little.

Give yourself permission to be imperfectly you and be kind to yourself.

My idea of being kind to myself includes meandering through a fabric shop, drinking coffee and reading a book outside on my tiny patio, watching Clueless, Legally Blonde, and 13 Going on 30 while working (it. was. awesome.), and looking at my work and being happy with it. Being proud of it. Being impressed with myself! Now that’s being kind.

Be kind to yourself desktop

This printable is 8″x10″ and it looks great in an IKEA frame (I recommend white!). If you like this, check out the Free Gems page for more goodies! Have a lovely weekend! xo

**Graphics via Graphic Box. Fine print: this printable is for private use only. I would love it if you shared with your peeps, just give credit to me. Thanks!

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