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Gold Standard Workshop Manifesto

Create. Edit. Polish. Shine.

Hey, girl, hey! Join me here at the Workshop! I welcome you with open arms and spray paint-covered fingers, and invite you to get your hands dirty. Experiment, play, test, build, hammer, sew, create, make a big ol’ mess, fail. Yes, even fail. Because that’s okay too. The best part of the workshop is that you get to try new things, practice, and learn. Be happy. Make happy. Dress happy. As you. As darling, strong, adorable, amazing, imperfectly perfect you.

That’s my little soapbox. DIY, of course. šŸ˜‰

My aim here is to share fun, beautiful, and thoughtful ideas, projects, and conversations, with a bit of grace and humor thrown in (plusĀ a little gangsta rap). I focus on DIY home and paper projectsĀ and I also createĀ go-get-em’ printables to inspire you and maybe make your day a little brighter. The workshop is a creative and cozy place for you to roll up your sleeves and find projects and ideas that inspire you in your own workshop!

AboutĀ Kristie

target glasses closeup

I’mĀ Kristie, a long-time DIYer with a seriousĀ paper addiction. I loveĀ working on home , fashion, and holiday projects of all kinds, and finding one-of-a-kind gems for my home and my closet on a budget. You’ll often find me at Goodwill orĀ estate sales on the weekend with coffee and Top Pot doughnies in hand. Oh, and I spray paint indoors. And I murder plants.

Have More Questions?

Email me! I’d absolutely love to hear from you: kristiejcain@gmail.com. And I’d love to collaborate with you! Check out the Collaborate page for more info or send me an email.


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